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For Developers
Global Merchant Solutions(GMS) makes it easy for developers to integrate to the Processing Platform. You can process payments through dial-up or IP with just one interface.

Internet Payments and Support
Low cost connectivity platform of the Internet, allowing POS software applications to process secure and reliable electronic payment transactions through a secure, redundant, and multi-threaded payment gateway.

IP Wireless and Dial-up Support
Processing is accomplished with Internet Protocol (IP), through wireless and dial-up payment processing devices. These devices offer a broad range of support for all card types and processors.
Immediate Benefits
The program allows you to provide all features without investing expensive development time and resources.
  • Fast on-line authorizations:2-3 second transactionsfor credit cards, debit cards, purchase cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, EBT, food stamp vouchers, check verification, and check guarantee. 

  • Lower costs: elimination of multiple phone lines, dialup communication fees, and no gateway fees.

  • Outstanding technical support:24 x 7 technical support.

  • Real-time web reporting system:web-based transaction and batch reporting for multi-site chain merchants; transaction search by card number, date, date range, amount, or invoice number. 

  • Streamlined development process:One credit card interface and you'll have both a superior IP and dialup payment solution for your POS application. 

  • Free Gift card processing:a competitive advantage of our pos systems. Unlimited, free transactions including balance inquiry, customer support, account maintenance and web reports, make it easy and affordable for merchants to satisfy customer demand for gifts.
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