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Come in today and see why we are the premiere Japanese Steakhouse, Sushi Bar, and Chinese Cuisine in town!

We cater to all occassions - from birthday parties and rehearsal dinners,to casual dining and corporate events. PRIVATE ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE!

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Food Menu
Chinese Menu  
  Chinese Lunch Special Menu
  Served Monday ĘC Saturday 11:30am - 3:00pm.
(Specials Are Not Available On Holidays)

Served with Fried Rice or Spring Roll
  General Tso's Chicken 7.25
  Chicken with Chinese Vegetable 6.75
  Chicken with Broccoli 6.75
  Hunan Chicken 6.95
  Chicken Chow Mein 6.50
  Chicken with Cashew Nuts 6.75
  Moo Goo Gai Pan 6.75
  Chicken or Pork Lo Mein 6.75
  Sweet & Sour Chicken 6.75
  Chicken with Garlic Sauce 6.75
  Chengdu Chicken 6.95
  Kung Pao Chicken 6.75
  Sesame Chicken 6.95
  Pepper Steak with Onion 6.85
  Beef with String Beans 6.85
  Beef with Curry Sauce 6.85
  Beef with Broccoli 6.95
  Szechuan Beef 6.95
  Beef with Peking Sauce 6.95
  Beef & Scallops with Vegetable 8.95
  Pork with String Beans 6.75
  Hunan Pork 6.95
  Roasted Pork w. Chinese Vegetable 6.75
  Shredded Pork w. Garlic Sauce 6.95
  Sweet & Sour Pork 6.75
  Shrimp Chow Mein 7.25
  Shrimp with Mixed Vegetable 7.25
  Shrimp with Lobster Sauce 7.25
  Shrimp with String Beans 7.25
  Szechuan Shrimp 7.50
  Hunan Shrimp 7.50
  Shrimp with Broccoli 7.25
  Shrimp Lo Mein 6.95
  Vegetarian Lunch Specials Price
  Served with White Rice and Veggie Egg Roll  
  Mixed Chinese Vegetables 6.50
  String Beans w. Garlic Sauce 6.50
  Szechuan Bean Curd 6.50
  Broccoli with Garlic Sauce 6.50
  Buddha's Delicacy 6.95
  Moo Shu Vegetable
(Served with 4 Pancakes)
  Mock General Tso's Chicken 7.25
  Mock Kung Pao Chicken 6.75
  Mock Chicken with Cashew Nuts
  * Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices listed are for your reference only - for most up to date prices please call, or pickup a menu from our Restaurant.
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